Cory Walters Music
Cory Walters - 4th & Shamong (2012)

Cory Walters, born September 8th, 1987, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a self-taught song writer, guitarist, and singer whose music is inspired by true-life personal experiences. Cory’s musical taste includes the likes of artists including Jason Mraz, The Eagles, Kansas, and Bayside; although Cory’s musical sound is all his own.

Cory’s music is hard to fit into one specific genre. The basis is mostly acoustic rock with a lot of melody and harmonies, while other songs experiment with syllabic rhythm and other sounds. The songs are composed about his everyday life including lyrics about good times, family, relationships, personal struggles, and even hockey (another of Cory’s passions).

Cory has been surrounded by music since he was born, which may contribute to his respect for various genres and talents. Cory began teaching himself to play guitar at a young age, and began writing his own music at age 14 with his first song, “Forecast”. He has always known that he wanted to play and create his own music, however it took one particular performance to make him realize performing his work was a passion. While still in high school, Cory and his family had traveled to Cuauhtemoc, Mexico, for a Martial Arts exposition. He ended up getting the unexpected opportunity to play his music for hundreds of people, and this is where his love for performing really began.

For the future, Cory hopes to continue writing many more songs, and to start performing more than ever. He is currently writing his second album, and hopes to produce a lot more original and creative music that people can continue to have fun and enjoy listening to.